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  • Travel discontinuities, enforced holidaying-at-home and alternative leisure travel futures after COVID-19 

    Jacobsen, Jens Kristian Steen; Farstad, Eivind; Higham, James; Hopkins, Debbie; Landa-Mata, Iratxe (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021-07-14)
    The paralysis of global tourism caused by COVID-19 made it possible to conduct a unique and nearly real-time online survey to investigate adaptations and reactions to sudden severe leisure travel restrictions among residents ...
  • Comparing the Scandinavian automobile taxation systems and their CO2 mitigation effects 

    Østli, Vegard; Fridstrøm, Lasse; Kristensen, Niels Buus; Lindberg, Gunnar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021-08-04)
    Despite their similarities, Scandinavian countries have adopted starkly different automobile tax regimes. The Danish system entails very high and convex tax rates with moderate CO2 differentiation. In Norway, tax rates are ...
  • Mechanisms behind COVID-19 scepticism among socially marginalised individuals in Europe 

    Nero, Kristi; Orru, Kati; Nævestad, Tor-Olav; Olson, Alexandra; Airola, Merja; Savadori, Lucia; Kazemekaityte, Austeja; Lovasz, Gabriella; Kajganovic, Jelena (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023-05-08)
    Homeless and materially disadvantaged people are considered particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. So far, there is no systematic knowledge about how the homeless and materially disadvantaged people perceive the ...
  • Kan regional utdanning hjelpe mot sentralisering? 

    Rosnes, Orvika; Vennemo, Haakon; Hansen, Wiljar; Johansen, Bjørn Gjerde; Skjerpen, Terje; Bruvoll, Annegrete; Erraia, Jonas (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023-09-19)
    Halvparten av befolkningsveksten de siste 25 årene har skjedd i Oslo og Viken. Det er neppe en politisk ønsket utvikling. For å motvirke utviklingen har flere offentlige ekspertutvalg foreslått å desentralisere høyere ...
  • Using the future wheel methodology to assess the impact of open science in the transport sector 

    Nielsen, Anja Fleten; Michelmann, Jakob; Akac, Attila; Palts, Kristel; Zilles, Anne; Anagnostopoulou, Afroditi; Langeland, Ove (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023-04-12)
    Open Science enhances information sharing and makes scientific results of transport research more transparent and accessible at all levels and to everyone allowing integrity and reproducibility. However, what future impacts ...

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