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  • Effects of roadwork characteristics and drivers? individual differences on speed preferences in a rural work zone 

    Steinbakk, Renata Torquato; Ulleberg, Pål; Sagberg, Fridulv; Fostervold, Knut Inge (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019-09-14)
    Work zone safety from a psychological perspective has received little attention in scientific literature. Therefore, the present study aims to explore the influence of roadwork characteristics and drivers’ individual ...
  • Commuters' satisfaction with public transport 

    Lunke, Erik Bjørnson (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020-03-20)
    Introduction: Previous studies have shown that people’s satisfaction with their commute can have an impact on their subjective well-being and general quality of life. Public transport users tend to be less happy with their ...
  • Costs and benefits of implementing an Environmental Speed Limit in a Nordic city 

    Lopez-Aparicio, Susana; Grythe, Henrik; Thorne, Rebecca Jayne; Vogt, Matthias (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020-03-03)
    We present a comprehensive study on the impacts and associated changes in costs resulting from the implementation of Environmental Speed Limits (ESLs), as a measure to reduce PM10 and associated health effects. We present ...
  • Covid-19 vaksine: tiden er knapp for planlegging av effektiv distribusjon 

    Baharmand, Hossein; Phillips, Ross Owen (Journal article, 2020)
  • E-bikes - good for public health? 

    Sundfør, Hanne Beate; Fyhri, Aslak; Bjørnarå, Helga Birgit (Chapter, 2020-04-10)
    It is well established that physical activity (PA) is health enhancing, and that active travel can increase total PA. The e-bike demands lower levels of intensity for the same pace and distance as a conventional bicycle, ...

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